This Week in Livable Portland News: 02/21/2022 - 02/28/2022

Last Week

From the Planning Board Meeting on 02/22/2022:

  • The planning board considered rezoning Riverton Park (2 Riverton Drive) from R-5 (single family with some less dense multifamily) to R-5a (a special zone for denser development in a surrounding R-5 zone) + B-2 (community business) and modifying the R-5a zone to allow for places of assembly greater than 10,000 square feet to allow for a new 141 unit mixed-use development by the Portland Housing Authority. The planning board seems enthusiastic about the change and it seems likely to be passed.
  • Planning board voted unanimously to approve an 8 unit multiplex housing development on an undeveloped R-5 plot on Deering Avenue. Public sentiment at the meeting seemed broadly positive with just a few comments on minor details of the project.
  • Planning board voted unanimously to recommend repealing the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District. Public sentiment at the meeting seemed mixed but slightly in favor of repealing.

In the News:

Our Activity

  • We held our second general meeting where we:
    • Officially confirmed Jeff Sherman as our new secretary. Thank you for volunteering and congratulations!
    • Voted to adopt a stance in support of the council voting to repeal the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Community Overlay District and are drafting a public comment on the issue.
    • Decided to the use of a new logo and branding
    • Decided to do a promotion at some bus stops with the wait times
    • Decided to start a book club and making a list of books for a shared lending library as well as a books discord channel
    • Discussed continuing work on drafting a charter and research on what legal designation our organization should have
  • Added a new calendar page to the website
  • Held our first city planning walk starting at 1pm at Monument Square

Next Week

Another busy week for livable portland.