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Make Real Change with LD2003

LD2003 is a state law that was intended to make cities update their zoning codes to allow for more housing. Growth areas are supposed to generally allow up to four units of housing. Cities and towns in Maine have until January to make the changes. Unfortunately, the changes proposed by Portland's planning staff add additional limits alongside the allowances. In practice, this means that just half a percent of our city's land will ever be allowed the full four units, reduced from around a quarter that would be eligible without these limits. While this follows the letter of the law, it undermines its intent, further complicates our land use code, and won't result in real change in Portland.

Though we have little time, it is not too late to act. We have put together four amendments to their proposed changes that remove some of these new limits being added alongside the changes for LD2003. To pass them, we need your help. Below is a timeline of the procedural steps required to pass the proposed changes. We must let the Planning Board and City Council know that we want real change by showing up to meetings and sending emails to make public comment. Together, we can pass changes that will actually make a dent in our housing crisis!

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